Find Constant Inspiration When You ‘Follow’ Your Favorite Artists



We’re always working on new ways to enhance your Shutterstock experience. Our latest innovation is a reinvented artist portfolio you can “Follow,” letting you create a personalized, dynamic feed of new work from all your favorite Shutterstock artists. As we launch this experience, VP of Product Wyatt Jenkins weighs in on why it was created, and what it means for you as a Shutterstock customer.

The Inspiration

Every day, I get inspired by an artist on Shutterstock. Some trade in beauty, some like it weird, and others are pragmatic — I like it all. It’s especially cool when I meet a new contributor who has a story to tell about why they got into this business, and the joy it gives them that they can make a living, or supplement their living, with the earnings they make from their work. Like Alisa Foytik, who has used Shutterstock earnings to grow into a full-time contributing artist; or Eric Isselee, who has traversed the globe from Africa to Asia in order to deliver images of over 800 animal species. Every portfolio of work has a story to tell, and that’s why I’m excited to introduce a new way for customers discover these stories.

The Vision

Humanizing the collection is a wonderful side effect of adding the new artist portfolios to the site. But the primary reason for creating these was to help our customers find great content. We’ve all stumbled across artists on Shutterstock with a particular flair or style that perfectly suits our work. Artist portfolios help you explore more from these contributors, including image sets they’ve created — important visual touchstones in a sea of creativity. After all, who better to categorize their work than the creators themselves? When you Follow these artists, you can now easily keep up with them, with their latest uploads appearing right in your “Following” feed.


The Result

By maintaining an active “Following” list, you’ll always have a great starting point when looking for the content you need. The new artist portfolios were designed with your discovery needs in mind, so we made content the number one priority. In spotlighting curated galleries of work by the contributors who created it, these portfolios offer a quick sense of the artists’ own favorite topics and specialties. We even show you images based on what you were previously searching for. In other words, if you were searching for “fish” and then click on a portfolio page, you’ll automatically see any “fish” results from that artist.

Remember to keep adding to your list by following new contributors you love as you discover them. And if there are any that you want to share with the world, put your links in the comments below! Also, feel free to reach out via the feedback tab anytime and let us know what you think — we’re continuing to develop an image-search experience that gets better every day, and your input remains invaluable.

– Wyatt Jenkins, VP of Product