Providing Relief in the Rockaways: How You Can Help


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, as an NYC-based company, it was crucial to the Shutterstock team that we do as much to help our city as possible. We started by working with the New York Food Truck Association and Morris Grilled Cheese to provide sustenance for storm victims in the Rockaways. In just two days, we distributed over 1,000 hot meals and witnessed the devastation experienced by the local community first hand.
We saw everything from flooded homes to overturned cars and debris-lined streets. And it was immediately apparent that this community desperately needs volunteers to help the rebuild and recover from the extensive damage. So, this past Sunday, we headed back out to there to get even more of our staff on the ground where we could help the most.

Twelve Shutterstock team members lent their time, hands, and hearts to the many area residents who are still without power and heat, volunteering at a relief center located at Beach 39th Street in Queens. Our afternoon was spent organizing donations within the center’s warehouse, distributing donations to those who came for help, and delivering essential supplies to those who are home-bound. Many residents have lots most of their belongings and visit these centers for basic necessities, including food, water, clothing, and cleaning supplies. Read on for a photographic glimpse into our experience, and learn what you can do to help.

Our time in the Rockaways has been both heartbreaking and inspiring. While there are many working to provide relief, the community is still struggling to receive the proper aid it needs. For more information, and to get directly involved, please visit Rockaway Help.