Shutterstock’s Pantone Project, Swatch 6: Bright Chartreuse

Shutterstock Pantone Color Inspiration Fall 2012

Hello color lovers! Are you ready to color up your weekend with our sixth installment in the Shutterstock Pantone Project? The next Swatch to Watch is Bright Chartreuse, and for this edition, we’ve partnered with certified Feng Shui consultant Dana Claudat, who shares her design tips on The Tao of Dana. Claudat says of this spirited, transitional, yellow-green color, “Bright Chartreuse means lots of creative and socializing energy that promotes change and growth. It’s a bold color move, but even a little bit can liven up your life!”

Take in our Bright Chartreuse inspiration board below, along with some of Dana’s curated images from the Shutterstock collection, complete with her expert tips on improving your life and design. And for even more positive Qi, read our previous elemental color remedies, featuring Rose Smoke, Rhapsody, Ultramarine Green, Titanium, and October’s Think Pink color, Pink Flambé.

Shutterstock + Pantone Fall 2012: Bright Chartreuse

Dana Claudet’s curated tips for Bright Chartreuse:

Shutterstock+Pantone: Bright Green Eyes © Valua Vitaly

Almost anyone can add a pop of bright green to their eyes. Bright Chartreuse is great for a gallery opening or to sparkle at a really chatty party. | © Valua Vitaly

Shutterstock +Pantone: Close-Up Leaf Texture © wandee007

Photosynthesis is nature’s way of displaying growth, and green leaves represent the ultimate energy of nature. | © wandee007

Shutterstock + Pantone: Green & Yellow Macaroons © prochasson frederic

Who doesn’t love macaroons? Candy colors add visual sweetness! | © prochasson frederic

Shutterstock + Pantone: Bright Green Artichokes © Jeanne Hatch

Eating green is where it’s at when looking to bolster your creative energy. I personally love artichokes, and it so reminds me of my grandma. | © Jeanne Hatch

Shutterstock + Pantone: Abstract Design © David S. Rose

A bright-green accent rug can brighten up even a lifeless office cubicle. Bright Chartreuse can heighten your sense of vitality at work. | © David S. Rose

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