Shutterstock Pantone Color Inspiration Fall 2012

Hello, fellow color lovers! This week’s burst of color magic brings us to the fourth installment in the Shutterstock Pantone Project, and the next Swatch to Watch: Titanium. We’re talking far more than a transitional metal on the periodic table with corrosion-resistent properties; as a swatch, Titanium is a sleek and elegant hue, with a touch of rock-n’-roll attitude. Pair it with any of the other trending Fall fashion colors for instant style with an edge.

Representing the perfect cool gray, Titanium adds a modern touch to interiors, fabrics, and even cosmetics. Take your personal style up a notch by adding some Titanium eyeshadow to your makeup palette, or Titanium suede for your accessories.

Check out our color-curated inspiration collage below, then be sure to circle back to our other experiments, featuring Rose Smoke, Rhapsody, and Pantone‘s particular eye-catcher: Ultramarine Green. And stay tuned as we continue further installments in our Fall Color Guide Series!

Shutterstock + Pantone Fall 2012: Titanium

Admire additional Titanium elements below, and visit the Shutterstock Titanium gallery.

Portrait of a Young Woman by Oleg Gekman

Fashion: Titanium brings out edgy beauty with sophistication. | Oleg Gekman

Suede Flower by

Texture: Get Titanium tough with accessories like this suede flower. |

Modern Minimalism Interior by HamsterMan

Interiors: These modern digs really work it with Titanium sleekness. | HamsterMan

Portrait of a Small Poodle by Irina oxilixo Danilova

Pets: Poodles have always been chic, thanks to their Titanium good looks! | Irina oxilixo Danilova

Ginko Leaves Floral Ornament by Ron Dale

Patterns: A delicate pattern goes from simple to classic with a touch of Titanium. | Ron Dale

Grey Eyeshadow by RaidenShoji

Beauty: Titanium’s versatility adds a modern neutral hue to your cosmetic bag. | RaidenShoji

Oil Planets by Jitka Volfova

Abstract: Even in its natural state, Titanium is one sexy element. | Jitka Volfova

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