Salt Lake City Embraces the Fury This Saturday with PoF: SLC

It’s only been a week since we turned design on its ear in Baltimore with our most recent Pixels of Fury competition in conjunction with AIGA, but the fury is so intense that there’s no stopping it now. The next installment strikes Salt Lake City this Saturday, October 27, and if you’re in the area, you can catch all the chaos in person.

The event doubles as the closing night party for Salt Lake Design Week, AIGA Salt Lake City‘s annual celebration of all things design, happening right now. (Check here for a full schedule of events.) Tickets for the party, which will see eight designers go head-to-head for a shot at the Pixels of Fury trophy, are $15 for AIGA members and students and $20 for the general public. Of course, there will also be music, refreshments, and a gaggle of great party guests to share the fun with — they’re even encouraging people to get in the Halloween spirit and rock a costume.

As with all Pixels of Fury competitions, the designers will have only 20 minutes to finish their projects, which must inspire the audience to learn something new, using assets from Shutterstock Instant to spur their creativity while the crowd goes crazy. Read on for a look at the eight hopefuls who will be duking it out come Saturday night — only one will win, but the fury will take them all.

MarkieAnn Gardner

MarkieAnn is excited to participate in Pixels of Fury because she’s inspired by observing what her peers and competition are doing. She studies design at UVU, and is currently working at Wicked Audio. She has realized that she wouldn’t be happy doing anything else — the work of Jessica Hische has taught her that pursuing what you’re passionate about lets you be successful and work at what you love.

Geoffrey Schley

Geoff traded 10,000 lakes for one Great Salt Lake. Originally from Minneapolis, he recently moved to Utah to work at Black Diamond Equipment. He’s inspired by nature, travel, and other artists and designers. Geoff says that design is not glamorous and it’s not easy — if it’s done well, it’s the result of blood, sweat and tears.

Elyse Taylor

Inspired by everything, Elyse is studying design at UVU. She is originally from Denver, Colorado, and says that the best piece of advice she ever got was, “Elyse! Stop being lazy! If you just put in the time and effort, you’ll fulfill your potential and become a great designer.” She must have followed it, because she just received an internship at Adobe.

Brad Dowdle

Brad is an art director and designer who believes design should be beautiful, simple, and emotive. He works at Axis41 and is inspired by positivity and optimism. He started drawing Spider-Man comic books when he was young and graduated to spray painting graffiti on the sides of bridges in high school. Once Brad realized that he needed to a respectable job to progress in life, he turned to creating art on the computer, which just so happened to be graphic design.

Alex Gennett

Some people call it Nasty Nati, but Alex Gennett calls it his hometown — while not studying Design at the University of Cincinnati, he’s a designer at Infinite Scale. He’s inspired by the world around us and imagines using design to shape the world around him. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is excited about taking his talents to the Pixels of Fury competition.

Raisa Kuddus

Raisa was born and raised in Pittsburgh, before moving to Utah in 2003. She’s a senior at the University of Utah, currently getting her Graphic Design and Honors degree. Carrying around her sketchbook every day inspires her to look at the world differently — anything from wood grain pattern in the table to a stroller can be fascinating to study and get down on paper. Whenever she’s in need of a good idea, she can just flip through her daily observations and find something to use for a great design.

Aaron Fisher

Aaron is a designer, printmaker, and aspiring chef. Born in Idaho, but raised in more places then you can count on your fingers and toes, he’s a full-time student at Weber State, who spends his spare time pulling a squeegee across a screen. Aaron is a firm believer in dreaming big and working real hard.

Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a dirty, rotten, hat-wearing, stereo-blasting, coffee-drinking designer. Having graduated from the University of Utah, it’s no surprise he likes the color red. However, when it comes to food, he prefers the color orange. When he’s not watching movies, he works full-time at modern8.

In SLC? Buy tickets and feel the Fury firsthand!