It’s time for more color therapy with the second installment of Shutterstock’s Pantone Project. This week’s swatch to watch is Rhapsody. This gray-toned purple hue evokes a poetic bohemian spirit with touches of the celestial. Although muted, Rhapsody provides a sophisticated tone that pairs well with greens, as well as more structured patterns and styles. Use it to present contrasts like floppy boho hats and bell bottoms at a rock show, or a striking sunset in Spain.

Check out our color-curated inspiration collage and images below, then go back and read about our first featured swatch, Rose Smoke. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out further installments in this Fall Color Guide series!


Additional Rhapsody Inspirations:


Fashion: Drama is the theme when Rhapsody is paired with more intense colors like Titanium. | conrado


Foodies: Serve up these armored artichokes in full Rhapsody blush. | Boris Stroujko


Interiors: Rhapsody’s sophistication plays well when mixing textures, patterns, and materials. | olly


Nature: You can almost smell the lavender fields in full Rhapsody bloom. | Anneka


Travel: Serenity is guaranteed with this Rhapsody sunset in Valencia. | Tramont_ana


Texture: Rhapsody lends itself to whimsical or classical patterns and textures in seamless designs. | Lina_S

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