Shutterstock + Pantone Color Curation

Color Theory is complex business, but when you consider the basics, you can create some pretty astounding work. Giving thought to how various colors complement, contrast, and enhance each other provides a perfect starting point to developing inventive and inspiring imagery.

With Pantone releasing its Fall 2012 Fashion Color Report, we’re feeling pretty inspired ourselves — so we turned to the color authority’s 10 trending colors for the season to see what they could they do when applied to the extensive assets from Shutterstock’s own collection.

The first swatch to watch is Rose Smoke, a color ideal for the transition from summer to fall that easily lends itself to both soft lines and bolder contrasts. A mix of pink and nude, Rose Smoke plays it cooly neutral in the line between sexy and sweet. Check it out, and stay tuned for further installments in our Fall Color Guide series!

Shutterstock Curates Pantone's Rose Smoke

Additional inspirations with Rose Smoke:

Shutterstock: Women's Legs and Stiletto Heels by Andrii Muzyka

Fashion: Pair glam stilettos and Rose Smoke for playful pictorials. Andrii Muzyka

Shutterstock: Old Keys on Wood Background by akiyoko

Interior Design: Unexpected treasures and Rose Smoke create divine decorative elements. akiyoko

Shutterstock: Charles Bridge by Yellowj

Travel: A Rose Smoke dusk adds evocative undertones and lingering feelings of romance to any cityscape. Yellowj

Shutterstock: Air bubbles Abstract by PhotoHouse

Abstracts: Conjure otherworldly imagery with abstracted forms swimming in Rose Smoke. PhotoHouse

Shutterstock: Vintage Lace Frame by incomible

Texture: Lacey textures add elegance and Rose Smoke adds sophistication to deepen a background. incomible

Shutterstock: Love Letter by Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs

Paper Goods: Sign, seal, and deliver love notes with Rose Smoke and an impressive wax seal. Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs

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