Collaboration Is a Cinch with Our New, Shareable Clipboxes!

We’re committed to making the Shutterstock Footage experience as simple and convenient as your day demands. That’s why we redesigned our clipboxes to provide you with a seamless way to track and share all the fantastic footage that catches your eye.

The new Shutterstock clipboxes have been reimagined from the inside out, offering you a point-and-click solution to manage your discoveries – and best of all, you can now share clipboxes with your colleagues or friends.

To give your colleagues access to your choices, just click “Share” from within your chosen Clipbox. You can give them the ability to edit your clipboxes to facilitate collaboration in your team, or you can choose to give view-only access. And you have the option to include a custom message when you share them.

The new, improved clipboxes are just one way we’re making it easier for you to work with all the stock footage you need for your full range of projects. Effortlessly create and manage as many as you need to encompass the scope of your work, and enjoy a new layer of creative collaboration.