If you’re looking for a little rock and roll-inspired photography, look no further than our 5th Fashion Icon, a photographer who goes by the name “Alias.” Like some of our other Icons, Alias (real name: Alexei Aliyev) is from a small town in Russia, and captures scantily clad models in minimalist interiors. (We also can’t help but notice that one of his models bears stricking resemblance to the supermodel Daria Werbowy!)

But probably the most significant trend in Alexei’s vast collection is his focus on expressive, angular shapes and dusty, saturated  hues that vibrate with alluring possibility. He often shoots in rustic, natural settings and sparsly furnished studio interiors, complemented with severe and expressive models in dramatically contrasting tones. The result is seductive and edgy – and perhaps a tad rock-and-roll.

A lover of abstract expressionism, a family man, and an experimental painter, Alexei also enjoys exploring different styles. His most recent work presents a softer, silkier side of fashion portraiture with muted colors and floral ornamentation. Needless to say, “Alias” has a vast collection of  photographs that’s sure to delight and inspire.

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