OK, I admit it. This edition of Fashion Icons: Photographers with Style is somewhat personal. The whole idea to do a series on Shutterstock’s leading high-fashion photographers came from one of Vladimir Serov’s photographs. In fact, it was the one you see above with the two “clones” in an industrial, Kubrick style-setting. I became so infatuated with this image that I went on a mad hunt through the collection to find more of this artful, seductive, edgy-yet-playful style. Lucky for me — and you, if you enjoy this post — my search led to hundreds of wickedly beautiful photographs by this talented Russian scholar-turned-photographer.

As you browse Serov’s collection, you’ll likely notice the impressive range he demonstrates with his work. Some images are subdued or even melancholic; some are sinfully dramatic; and others are innocent and jovial. He experiments with an array of color schemes, textures and scenery, shooting both indoors and out, with varying levels of costumery and props. In just two years since becoming a photographer, Serov has demonstrated extraordinary ability to capture beauty, human emotion and physical movement – all while using nonprofessional models and self-made lighting equipment. In fact, it’s difficult to peg him as being specifically high-fashion, but one thing is certain: Vladimir Serov is a master of his own craft, and a brilliant photographer.

To view the rest of Vladimir Serov’s collection, please visit his Shutterstock gallery, here.

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