6 Manhattanhenge Photos from the Shutterstock Community


Manhattanhenge graced the horizon of New York City over the past two days, giving photographers in a unique opportunity to capture the sun perfectly aligned with the city’s street grid. The weather may not have been optimal, but we still received some amazing photos from the Shutterstock community. Here are some of our favorites:

 Sun perched on top of the 59th Street Bridge on Wednesday, May 30, by @isardasorensen.

Street crowded with people waiting for Manhattanhenge on Wednesday, May 30, submitted by Shutterstock developer, @joelzimmer.

Glowing sunset on Wednesday, May 30, submitted by @jottino.

Photographers taking over 23rd Street on Wednesday, May 30, submitted by our own, @meagankirk.

Overcast city view on Tuesday, May 29, submitted by @derricklytle.

Tuesday’s weather fail didn’t keep our head of Content Ops, @anthonycorreia, from capturing this beautiful photograph.