Green Up This Earth Day

Earth Day will be celebrated on Sunday (how fitting that it’s a Sunday), and everyone is doing his or her part to help clean up the environment. Environmental awareness campaigns take place year-round, but it’s the annual holiday that drives the most discussion about conservation. More than a billion people are expected to participate in some way this year.

From leaves to lily pads, nature is full of greeny goodness. The color green represents a cleaner Earth, free from the nastiness of pollution and waste, where people can breathe healthfully and happily. Just the thought of the serenity of a clear overlook or the fresh scent of a recently-cut lawn will leave you in a natural state of relaxation. And who hasn’t been awed by the sight of an aerial shot of pure, immaculate forestry or other gorgeous wilderness landscapes?

But green can also mean Go, as in “going green.” It’s about taking initiative, through volunteering or educating or inspiring others. If you plant one small seed, something much larger can grow over time. Earth Day is a reminder of real possibility and new beginnings.

Spring is also splendid season for photographers and designers to put nature’s rebirth on display. It’s one of many area where sharing means caring. Go green with our “Green is Good” lightbox and see what green can do for you.