Glasses for Dogs? These Images Will Make You Smile

Dogs wearing glasses
Dogs wearing glasses

Some companies rolled out their best pranks last weekend in honor of April Fools’ Day. But at Shutterstock we felt there was one clear-cut winner: Warby Parker, the stylish eyewear supplier. The company created a line of trendy, dog-friendly eyewear and called its new collection Warby Barker. As it turns out, dogs wearing glasses aren’t just a trend that makes for a good April Fools’ prank. Shutterstock’s collection of dogs wearing glasses reveals a range of canine cuteness. In each picture, the glasses echo the pups’ expressions. We have over 2,000 pictures of man’s best friend looking his smartest, coolest, suavest, and goofiest. Can you pick a favorite?

Want to see more of the Warby Barker April Fool’s prank? Watch the faux promotional video here:

Warby Barker: Glasses for Dogs