In just 24 hours, we’ll be on our way to Austin, Texas for the annual SXSW festival, and we’re spilling all the details about our campaign, right here on the blog…

On March 9, Shutterstock will launch “Austin Translation: A Photo Documentary of SXSW 2012,” a cross-platform, guerrilla campaign to capture all the energy and excitement of this edgy, interactive festival. And don’t worry if you can’t get to Austin (or if you’ve never heard of SXSW), because we’ll be streaming all of the content live to our Facebook page.

Here’s how it works: 

  • On-Site Photographers: 

    We’ve hand-selected 5 of our best local photographers to capture the real Austin, along with the festival through their unique local perspectives. John Pesina, Kenneth Man, Galina Stepanova, Gus Yeung and Ricardo Garza will be on the ground photographing everything from conference panels to food trucks, and street art to nightlife.

  • Shutterstock Mobile Photo booth: We’ve got a decked-out, 1983 Volkswagen Westfalia equipped with a Mobile Photo Booth rolling around Austin, scoping out the hottest parties and nightlife, and offering attendees the opportunity to hop in for their own mini photo shoots. Watch for these photos on our Facebook page, and if you’re in the area, find the ‘Shutterstock Mobile Photo Booth’ on Foursquare, or follow us on Twitter.
  • Tweeted Photos: Attendees who want to be a part of the SXSW photo documentary can also Tweet your photos @Shutterstock with the hashtag #SXSWpix.

The Live Documentary: 

All of the above imagery will be streamed live to a team of curators on-the-ground, who will  project the best images nightly, to a massive 6-story wall on the corner of 5th Street and Colorado, in downtown Austin (March 9 – 13, 7pm to 1am CT). And the best part is, even if you’re not in Austin, you can watch the entire feed on our Facebook page.

Free Swag!

We’ll be giving away a slew of free swag to SXSW attendees, so look for one of our street team members near the projection wall or convention center for free pins, stickers, and calendars. If you visit the mobile photo booth, you’ll get a free limited-edition “Austin Translation” t-shirt. And lastly, we’ll be giving away a handful of them to a few lucky Facebook and Twitter users over the course of the week.

To see the official press release, click here. And to read more about SXSW and why it’s important to us, read our post from yesterday.

Hope to see you all there!
Meagan Kirkpatrick
Director of Communications