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Famous Logos Through a Five-Year-Old's Eyes


Graphic designer and branding enthusiast Adam Ladd recruited his five-year-old daughter, Faith, for a little creative experiment. Ladd set a series of the world's most famous brand logos in front of Faith and asked her to share her first impressions of them. Ladd recorded her observations and then compiled them into a video that has been shared around the world this week. It's not surprising that Faith recognizes some of the logos immediately - such as Disney, McDonald’s, and Apple - but it's her thoughts on the ones she's unfamiliar with that have entertained her fans. "Baby toys. Those look like baby toys," Faith says about the Olympics logo.

More and more companies are considering the next generation of consumers, and they are trying to make a mark on young minds like Faith's. Judging from Faith's associations, some companies have succeeded where others have failed. Starbucks, for one, has captured Faith's attention and remained in her memory without the assistance of "kid-friendly" characters like Ronald McDonald or Disney princesses in commercials and collectibles. However, that doesn't mean that the coffee chain hasn't made an effort to appeal more to kids in recent years.

At the end of the day, the logos Faith recognizes may reflect more about effective marketing strategies than they do about children's sensibilities, interests, and attachments. What's evident though is how fierce the competition is from companies vying for kids' attention.

See Faith's foray into marketing below: