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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: An Inspiration Gallery

© Shutterstock/Serov

We often hear about the importance of lighting in making a photograph. But what about the absence of lighting? With the application of darkness, photographers can add drama to a picture—and make deft use of the light that remains.

Like a film director, a designer can convey a mood of seriousness, beauty, tension, competition, or even terror through the use dramatically lit images. Here we're showing off a few examples from the Shutterstock collection, all of which are available to Shutterstock customers. To see more, visit our Dramatic Lighting lightbox, or do a search for words like "darkness," "contrast," or "moody." © Shutterstock/Volodymyr Kudryavtsev

© Shutterstock/NKahler

© Shutterstock/Oleg Gekman

© Shutterstock/JPagetRFphotos

© Shutterstock/mark cinotti

© Shutterstock/Inzel

© Shutterstock/Krissi Lundgren

© Shutterstock/Dmitrijs Bindemanis

© Shutterstock/Nyord