Seven Reasons to Love Shutterstock

In capping off our week-long celebration of Shutterstock’s seventh birthday, we’re bringing you seven reasons why (we think) you should love Shutterstock.

1. Creative Freedom. The Shutterstock collection currently holds over 12 million photos, vectors, and illustrations. Download whatever you need for projects or mockups, or simply browse around for inspiration.

Abstract Lights by Leigh Prather

2. Get a leg up on the competition. With a Shutterstock subscription, it’s like having an unlimited toolbox ready at a moment’s notice. Search, download, and incorporate into your designs – it’s really that simple.

leadership concept on white background. Isolated 3D image by Ilin Sergey

3. Free stuff. For starters, you can sign up for a browse account for free. Each week, we offer a free photo and vector for download. Even if you’re already a subscriber, the free image of the week won’t count as a download to your account. Just a little something extra!

silhouette of friends jumping in sunset by Alex Emanuel Koch

4. Save time. Our new and improved powerful search engine is fast and accurate – meaning you’ll find the perfect image in a snap.

Hourglass by Kuzma

5. Need something specific?We’ll notify you. If you regularly search for the same subjects, customize your searches to receive an email when new content is available. Why search for the same thing periodically when we can just let you know when we have more dogs in costumes?


6. Connect. Shutterstock is an active player in the social media arena. Join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our blogs — this one and Shutterbuzz ­­– for all our latest news and announcements.

Social Media Network (from crossword series) by ALMAGAMI

7. Knowledge. Our monthly newsletters frequently contain tutorials to sharpen your Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator skills. Plus, you can use our images to practice!

News icon. Vector newspaper icon by Epsicons

And lastly, a gigantic THANK YOU to the Shutterstock community, both new friends and old, for helping us get this far in seven short years – you know who you are!