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The Shutterstock 50: A Twitter List

If you’re new to Twitter—and even if you’ve using it for a while—it can be confusing to figure out which feeds to follow. To help, we’ve created a tightly edited Twitter list of 50 feeds by and for members of the creative community. For this list, we chose Twitter users we consider interesting, influential and helpful. Our list includes a blend of popular blogs, news feeds and expert designers and photographers around the globe. We’ve no doubt omitted some of your favorites, but we hope we’ve included a few good ones you might not know about. Periodically, we’ll add and subtract feeds from our list to make sure it stays relevant.

If you have a Twitter account, follow our list here.

Without further ado, The Shutterstock 50:

  • @20x200 – A trend-setting photo art print sales program.
  • @abduzeedo – Fabio Sasso’s great Abducted by Design feed.
  • @Behance – Forward-thinking network of creative professionals.
  • @big_picture – Updates from's terrific photo blog.
  • @Booooooom – A standout art and photo blog from Vancouver.
  • @chasejarvis – Cutting-edge photographer based in Seattle.
  • @CreativeReview – A top London-based design publication.
  • @DannyOutlaw – A designer in Georgia with a great online presence.
  • @DesignerDepot – A feed of design trends and tutorials by Walter Apai.
  • @designinformer – A blog of web and graphic design trends.
  • @designshack – A popular web design gallery.
  • @dexigner – A portal for designers, based in New York.
  • @emilychang – San Francisco-based online designer.
  • @francescomugnai – Italian digital design Francesco Mugnai’s feed.
  • @FreelanceFolder – A community for web workers.
  • @fuelcreativity – The Fuel Brand Network's creative channel.
  • @grainedit – An excellent design blog from Oakland, California.
  • @hongkiat – A Malaysian web designer with a great site.
  • @jkottke – Longtime blogger Jason Kottke.
  • @HOWbrand – A professional community for graphic designers.
  • @JasonFalls – Based in Kentucky, writer of the Social Media Explorer blog.
  • @jnack – John Nack, Adobe Photoshop project manager.
  • @justcreative – Jacob Cass, a Brooklyn-based web designer.
  • @LightStalking – A feed of links to inspiring photography.
  • @LogoDesignLove – Totally obsessed with great logos.
  • @mashable – Fast and enthusiastic source of social media news
  • @myinkblog – The blog of web designer Andrew Houle.
  • @naldzgraphics - Graphic designer Ronald Bein in the Philippines.
  • @NAPP_news - National Association of Photoshop Professionals.
  • @NewPhotoDigest - A U.K.-based photography community.
  • @nickla - Toronto-based designer Nick La.
  • @OneArmCreative - Designer Colby Anderson, based in Logan, Utah.
  • @orlydesign - Designer Orlando Hidalgo in Miami, Florida.
  • @petapixel - Michael Zhang's feed of useful photo links.
  • @Photocritic – Information about photography and equipment.
  • @photojojo – A feed about photography, DIY and design.
  • @psdfan – Tips and tutorials for Photoshop users.
  • @Scobleizer – Robert Scoble, Silicon Valley tech enthusiast.
  • @ScottBourne – Photographer and online media star.
  • @ScottKelby – Author of the popular PhotoshopInsider blog.
  • @sixrevisions – Design tips from web developer Jacob Gube.
  • @smashingmag – Great resource for web design and graphics.
  • @str8photography – Links to inspiring photography and how-tos.
  • @strobist – Photographer David Hobby’s great resource on lighting.
  • @swissmiss – Swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg in Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • @tonepoems – Phoenix-based graphic designer Evniki K. Voyatzis.
  • @Tutorial9 – A feed of Photoshop and blogging tutorials.
  • @VECTORTUTS – A slick vector tutorials site.
  • @youthedesigner – A collection of graphic design tips.
  • @yuriarcurs – Denmark-based stock photographer Yuri Arcurs.