By Angela Cho, Graphic Designer, Shutterstock

Imagine you have 100 photos to resize and save for a newsletter but only 30 minutes to do it. One quick and easy solution for such a task would be to create a Droplet in Photoshop. Although droplets sound miniscule, they are actually quite powerful when put into practice. Droplets enable you to create automated actions that you can apply to images. So whether it‘s resizing or applying color effects to a batch of images, a droplet can quickly do the job for you.

Here‘s how.

Step One:
• Go to Window/Actions and the Actions panel will appear.
• If a set already exists in the Actions panel, create a new set (we‘ll name ours “Set 2”) by clicking on the “Create a New Set” icon at the bottom. Then click on the “Create a New Action” icon at the bottom, name it (we‘ll name ours “Resize and Save”), select “Set 2” from the dropdown list and click “Record.”

Step Two:
• Go to File/Automate/Create Droplet.
Once the “Create Droplet” window appears:
• Click on “Choose” to determine where you‘d like to save the droplet.
• Under Play, choose the desired Set (Set 2) and Action (Resize and Save).
• Under Destination, select “Folder” from the dropdown menu and choose the location for where you‘d like to save the image files.
• Check the “Override Action ‘Save As‘ Commands” box so that each image that the droplet processes will be saved within the designated folder.
• Under Compatibility, check the operating systems that apply.
• Under Errors, select “Stop For Errors” from the dropdown menu so that any issues will be reported during the process.
• Click “OK” and an icon that looks like an arrow will appear within the folder designated for the droplet.

Step Three: this is the easy part!
• Drag the images or folder of images that you‘d like to “Resize and Save” onto the arrow icon. The droplet will now begin to perform the actions on each image and then save it in the location you designated earlier.

Now that you’ve learned how to use Droplets, try applying them to a collection of images. You will see improvements to your workflow, especially for those time sensitive projects!